Earlier this term, 7 students of Class 9 attended a Kathak workshop with their teacher, 

Ms Farah Yasmeen, a talented artist from San Francisco. The students were briefed about the history of the Kathak dance, learning about its different elements like tatkar or footwork, abhinayah or facial expressions, and how to use their body and hands to create various element of nature such as birds, trees, flowers, butterflies and water.  The students also learned to carefully listen to the rhythm of the music in order to synchronise their movements to its beat.

At the end of the workshop, the students Junaina Ansari, Alizeh Wahab, Natalia Khan, Fizza Kazmi, Laila Khan, Zora Hussain and Alizeh Samdani performed in front of their Principal, Mr Sami Mustafa, faculty, peers and family on 20 January. It was a beautiful performance which everyone e

njoyed. The workshop improved the students’ confidence, posture, level of patience, and even the way they responded to others.