student government

To encourage students to develop leadership qualities, a Student Government is elected every year. The Student Government coordinates with the administration on behalf of the students, assists school administration in various programmes, and provides the ‘officers’ for organizing various school events.

The Student Government of the C.A.S. comprises 20 members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, eight Prefects and the Captains and Vice Captains of the four school Houses. Students of Class 10 stand for elections, which are held in March.

The election process starts with the selection of candidates. Nominated candidates then campaign for a week to solicit support of their peers through speeches, posters and canvassing. Students, teachers and section Heads vote through a computerized balloting system. Representatives of candidates and senior faculty members are present to oversee the voting process. Results are announced and the same day the outgoing members of the Student Government hand over gowns to the new Student Government.

Student Government 2017-2018: