sports week

The Annual Sports Week is held at the National Coaching Centre over a five-day period in January, where students from classes 3 to 11 participate in more than 80 field and track events. Preparations for the Sports Week begin one month before at training camps held at the National Coaching Centre under the supervision of our sports faculty.

The first day marks the opening ceremony with a march past, lighting of the torch and various displays. The week-long sporting extravaganza comes to an end with a closing ceremony where trophies to outstanding athletes, the winning House and the runner-up are awarded. Parents are invited to watch the final events and the closing ceremony. The younger children have their races a day before, and then watch their older peers compete on the final day.

Awards for Athlete of the Day and Athlete of the Year (from the Senior Section) and Athlete of the Year (from the Junior Section) are given at the closing ceremony.