senior section

The Senior Section consists of five levels: classes 7 to 11 (O Level final year). Each class has 3 sections with a maximum of 30 students in each section.

In classes 7 and 8, all students take English, Urdu, Math, Art, History, Geography, Science, Computer Studies, and Physical Education. In addition, they choose from a variety of Learning Modules offered in the section and a foreign language from German, French and Spanish.

In Class 9, Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat / Religious Studies are offered as a two-year course. In Class 10, in addition to the five compulsory subjects, students choose four optional subjects, one subject each from blocks A to D for the 2-year O Level programme.

Compulsory subjects

• English Language
• Urdu Language
• Mathematics
• Islamiyat / Religious Studies
• Pakistan Studies

Optional subjects

Students choose one subject each from blocks A, B, C & D

Accounts Economics Business Studies Economics
Physics Biology Chemistry Add Maths
Sociology World History Sociology Music
Computer Science German/French or Art & Design English Literature Environmental Management


No examinations are held in Class 7. Students are assessed on regular tests and assignments. Students from classes 8 to 11 have examinations twice a year; a mid-term exam in December and a final exam in May.

Students sit for their O Level examination in Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat / Religious Studies and Urdu at the end of Class 10, and for the rest of their O Level subjects at the end of Class 11.

The O Level University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), UK, are held in May-June and, for some subjects, in October-November.