scholarships to united world colleges (UWC)

The C.A.S. School students have participated in the United World Colleges (UWC) scholarship programme for many years. This is an International Baccalaureate (IB) programme which is offered to students with exceptional academic achievement and promise. In the last seven years, nine C.A.S. students have won part or full scholarship to various UWC colleges around the world.

C.A.S. students who have won UWC Scholarships

2016 Moliha Saadi Arfeen (Germany) and Huma Jafree (Thailand)
2015 Mehek Rahman andĀ Dua Shoaib
2014 Anusha Alam
2013 Malika Niazi
2011 Ali Mujtaba
2010 Rabail Habib
2009 Syed Taha Hussain Shah
2008 Fatima Zehra Mallick
2007 Saim Saeed andĀ Jahangir Rasheed