main campus

School building

The Main Campus is a purpose-built school building, designed by architect Habib Fida Ali. The campus is fully wheelchair-accessible and has an elevator. There are about 800 students and 190 faculty and staff members at the Main Campus.

The school buildingĀ has 27 classrooms, built on UNESCO specifications, two science labs, a large art space, one large Design and Technology hall, one 30-station computer lab, one language lab (courtesy Goethe-Institut), one faculty lounge, administrative offices, and a Health Room with a full-time doctor.

In addition there are a number of other facilities:


The library has over 16,000 titles and periodicals. There are four computers and quiet areas for students and staff to research and / or study.

Audio-visual room

The 180-seat Audio-visual Room is fully air-conditioned and equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system. It is used throughout the year for student presentations, performances and concerts, as well as for lectures and orientation meetings.

Seminar room

A large Seminar Room, with a seating capacity of 50, is extensively used for seminars, lectures, teaching and workshops for teachers.


A Daycare, managed by a supervisor and two assistants, is for teachers and other staff members to leave their infants while they are on duty at the school.

Building safety and maintenance

  • On-site maintenance crew
  • 200 KVA back-up generator
  • Tempered safety glass in the building
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Monitoring cameras
  • Emergency response system