kindergarten (KG) campus

The KG Campus is a purpose-built building located behind the Main Campus. There are about 500 students and 90 faculty members and support staff at the KG Section.


All classrooms are furnished with age-appropriate furniture for young children and have a warm and well-lit environment to make transition from home to school gentle and smooth. There are dedicated spaces to display work of students and open floor space for group activities.


All classes have a library period to encourage students to read. The KG Section library has a wide selection of titles in English and Urdu forĀ children to borrow books to take home every week. A quiet corner provides space where children can sit and read or teachers can conduct a story-time class. The library also plays a central role in the KG Section Reading Programme.

Music room

Music is an integral part of the curriculum at the C.A.S. The music room at the KG Section is designed to facilitate creative movement and singing. A mirrored wall on one side of the room allows children to see themselves as they follow the instructors. A selection of instruments is available for children to play music, assisted by the music faculty.

Audio-visual room

The Audio-visual room is equipped with a Smart Board, creating a learning environment that facilitates interactive lessons and creative learning methodologies.

Animal zoo

What better way for children to learn empathy for animals than to have a mini zoo on campus. The zoo at the KG Section houses birds, mammals, reptiles and a few exotic animals. Children are able to observe how these animals spend their day, see feeding times and take part in it by bringing food to feed the animals. The cages are secure and a safety railing prevents children from touching the animals.

Health room

There is a staffed two-bed Health Room for children to rest if they are not feeling well and for treating minor scrapes and cuts.