junior section

The Junior Section consists of four levels: classes 3 to 6. Each class has 3 sections, with a maximum of 30 students in each section.

The curriculum from classes 3 to 6 comprises English, Urdu, Math, Art, History, Geography, Science, Design and Technology, Computer Studies, Music, Sports and Learning Modules.

Students are taught in a nurturing and interactive classroom environment. Much of the course work is taught through classroom instruction, projects and study trips to museums, places of worship of different religions, parks and other places of interest in the city. Annual presentations of classes 4 and 5 are held in November – December while annual presentations of classes 3 and 6 take place in April. In addition a Bonfire, held overnight at the school campus, the Bake Sale and the Music Module presentations allows young children to learn from friends and people around them. The focus on presentations and performances allows students to build their self-esteem, effective communication skills and confidence.

No exams are held in the Junior Section. Assessments take place throughout the year to determine core competencies in Languages, Math and Science. In classes 3 and 4, portfolios of work completed through the year are compiled and given to parents at the end of each term. In classes 5 and 6, report cards based on regular assessments are issued to students once in December and once in May.