celebrating our students

The school is very proud of its students and their achievements. It recognizes and celebrates achievements of its students through medals, awards, scholarships, and certificates. These are not just memorabilia of their journey at the C.A.S. but also help develop their self-esteem and confidence.

Gold medals

Gold medals are the highest distinction a graduating student can achieve. Students who have been awarded these medals for 2016 – 2017 are:


Awards are given each year to students of the Graduating Class who distinguish themselves beyond academic achievement, show leadership initiatives and add to student life at the C.A.S. The awards are named after inspiring individuals whose contribution to education, science, music, the arts and sports has been legendary. We hope that our students will follow in their footsteps and develop an abiding interest in matters of social and intellectual advancement.

Awards (2016-2017)


The School recognizes students of Class 10 who have displayed outstanding achievement in all aspects of school life. Even though the scholarships are not need-based, they carry a financial component for one year (class 10).

The scholarships are named after iconic personalities who have contributed to community development, scientific progress and to the promotion of peace.

Scholarships (2017 – 2018)

Honour Roll

Students who have shown outstanding academic achievement are recognized in the Honour Roll. For 2015 – 2016, those who received this honour are:

Honour Roll (2016-2017)